The Petri Dish - February 1

February 1

Presented by the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences
Doors at 6pm | Program starts at 7pm
Live music and an interactive bio-themed
game precede the program.

The Cabaret at Camp Bar
490 North Robert Street, Saint Paul, MN


Pay What You Can, $5 minimum or 800-838-3006

A different kind of science event. No Powerpoints. Just live music, trivia and lots
of lively, curiosity-driven conversations on timely topics with University of Minnesota experts, exploring how biology affects our lives and what it means for our future.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The science, policy and politics of addressing and adapting to global-scale environmental change

Everything we do has an impact on the environment. Climate change is top of mind for many, but our carbon dioxide emissions are only the beginning of the story. The ecological outcomes of our activities take myriad forms and have far reaching implications. Add to the mix a new political landscape, and questions of how to mitigate our impact and adapt to the changes in climate, biodiversity, and nutrient availability take on a new urgency. Join us for a wide-ranging discussion about the science, politics and policy driving our complex relationship with our planet’s systems.

Panelists include ecologist Elizabeth Borer, co-founder of the Nutrient Network global ecology network, climate and energy policy expert Gabriel Chan, and Tracy Twine, who studies how our activities on land impact the atmosphere.

Moderator: Jessica Hellmann, director of the U’s Institute on the environment