Adam Tiller with Brendan Gay and Trey Charles

Fri, Jun 21, 2024
Sat, Jun 22, 2024

Adam Tiller with Brendan Gay and Trey Charles

with Trey Charles and Brendan Gay

Adam Tiller is a stand-up comedian and podcast host located in Everett, WA. He performs regularly at Laughs Comedy Club, Tacoma Comedy Club, Nate Jackson's Super Funny Comedy Club, and Club Comedy. He was a Participant in the "World Series of Comedy" Festival and a semifinalist in Nate Jackson's "Funniest MF" Competition. He has also opened for the following Headliners: Sam Morril, Doug Stanhope, Kyle Kinane, Joe List, Jon Dore, Erica Rhodes, Dusty Slay, Alonzo Bodden, Zolta Kaszas, Caitlin Peluffo, and Jackie Kashian.

Adam hosts and produces a podcast titled, “Fadam & Friends,” and co-produces the comic strip “Beefcake & Butterball.” In his spare time, Adam enjoys eating and sleeping.

Trey Charles

Trey Charles what can you say about the guy that you couldn’t say about your neighborhood stray cat he was voted “Stinkiest Comic this side of the Mississippi 2022” and will eat food outof your hand if deemed trustworthy. He has grown a liking to the taste of mustard and pickles though he hated them as an adolescent. He has also grown a fear of women’s breasts so please don’t play a hilarious prank on him like shaking a big pair of juicers in his face even though it would so funny and your peers would most likely respect you for it and probably throw you on their shoulders and chant your name like it’s the end of a movie… so please don’t do that cause that would be bad.

Brendan Gay

Brendan is a Chicago based comedian who smiles confidently when he gets nervous. Whether it’s his keen perspective on minority culture or growing up as a millennial bro, he’ll make you laugh. In 2017, Brendan started his 52 x 52 comedy tour where he travelled to 52 cities in 52 weeks doing stand-up comedy across the country. He’s also the producer and host of the Brendan Being Brendan podcast.