Mark Marvell with Max Chapman and Lily Meyer

Fri, Jun 28, 2024
Sat, Jun 29, 2024

Mark Marvell with Max Chapman and Lily Meyer

with Lily Meyer and Max Chapman

Milwaukee comedian Mike Marvell puts on thousands of miles a year, traveling across the country, telling jokes and stories about his family and life in Wisconsin. Married for over 27 years with three kids, his comedy offers material that everyone will definitely relate to. When Mike hits the stage, it’s like you’ve known him forever. He’s the guy next door, that crazy cousin, or your brother-in-law (the one you like).

Lily Meyer

Lily Meyer is a stand-up comedian and writer who began her comedy career in Boston and recently moved to her hometown of Minneapolis. Her style of comedy is dark and honest, drawing mostly from her experiences with dating, eating disorders, and her cat, Charlie. She has performed in the Boston area at Nick’s Comedy Stop, Hideout Comedy and The Comedy Studio as well as in Minneapolis at Camp Bar and Sisyphus Brewing. She most recently participated in the Boston Comedy Festival and the Sno Jam Comedy Festival.

Max Chapman

Max Chapman began his stand-up comedy career in Minneapolis in 2019. His style combines one-liners and painfully honest stories from his life, both of which are darkly humorous. Max has performed all around the Midwest, mainly in the Twin Cities area. He puts on a monthly comedy show at Terminal Barin Northeast Minneapolis.