Reena Calm with Shyloh Blake and Jesse Jacobs

Fri, Jul 12, 2024
Sat, Jul 13, 2024

Reena Calm with Shyloh Blake and Jesse Jacobs

with Jesse Jacobs and Shyloh Blake

Reena Calm is a pun-slinger who tours all over the country, living out of her tricked-out Prius. She started her particular brand of #CALMEDY in Chicago and left on a mission to make people laugh in all 50 States. Nothing can stop her-just kidding there was a pandemic. She's happy to be vaxxed and back to work as a showbiz hobo, and the only woman in America living on the road full time as a professional stand up comedian. You can find her book Once A Pun A Time: Legend Of A Sighs Queen on Amazon. She's been on Doug Loves Movies, was a Comic of the Week on The Jackie & Laurie Show, opened for Arsenio Hall, and has probably headlined some bar near you, or at least slept in a nearby parking lot. Follow her on Instagram @reenacalm for picture sof her travels.

Jesse Jacobs

Jesse Jacobs is a Minneapolis-based comedian and has trouble with handshakes. Whether pointing out the absurdities of everyday life, relationships, or life as a physician, Jesse delivers an energetic and honest look into someone still not comfortable with getting older. He was a finalist at both the 2021 Funniest Person with a Day Job and ACME’s Funniest Person in Minneapolis competitions and continues to perform at shows around the city.

Shyloh Blake

Shyloh Blake is a stand-up comedian based in Minneapolis. She tells funny stories about navigating life’s awkward moments, which for her, are most of the moments.

Shyloh is featured in’s “Next Up On Stage” series, which highlights up and coming comedians in the Twin Cities. During the quarantine, she produced and hosted an online comedy showcase called “This Sucks: A Comedy Show For the Pandemic” which featured comedians from all over the country.