Rachel Mac with De'Angilo Funches & Lucy Zarns

Fri, Aug 16, 2024
Sat, Aug 17, 2024

Rachel Mac with De'Angilo Funches & Lucy Zarns

with Drew Schingen and De’Angilo Funches
Rachel Mac is a writer and comedian currently based in Milwaukee after 8 years of performing in Los Angeles. She is a Paid Regular at The Comedy Store and has been on Comedy Central's Lights Out with David Spade, both doing stand-up and as a panelist. Rachel worked as a writer for The Movie Show, a late-night comedy sketch show on SyFy, which stars two puppets. She co-wrote and co-starred in an

instagram sitcom, The MacBlakes. She is also, for better or worse, a middle school English teacher.

Drew Schingen

Drew’s accessible brand of comedy leaves people in a good mood everywhere he goes. He’s what you would get if a golden retriever wished to be a real boy. In 2021, he won the House of Comedy’s Funniest Person with a Day Job contest. You can see him on his monthly “Drinks with Drew” segment on KSTP’s Twin Cities Live, weekdays at 3p.m. Born and raised in Wisconsin, there’s not much he’s afraid of. If you’re brave enough to challenge him to a drinking contest, you can always find him at the bar.

De’Angilo Funches

De’Angilo Funches Is a fresh faced Comedian, from Southeast Minnesota. Having a unique upbringing in

both inner city & small-town America! His observational storytelling mixed with his quick paced style, makes him breath of fresh air & a crowd favorite!!