Ron Feingold with Andy Fisher

Fri, Nov 1, 2024
Sat, Nov 2, 2024

Ron Feingold with Andy Fisher

with Andy Fisher

Ron Feingold has been a professional touring comedian for 21 years entertaining with his unique

"Comedy A Cappella" Show where he combines stand-up comedy and a cappella music by performing all of the vocals himself...even the drums! Performing parodies, impressions and funny songs along with his stand-up comedy, Ron Feingold's show has a little bit of everything! Ron has been on stage since the age of 10 and professionally on the road since the tender age of 19! One of the most unique shows out there!

Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher is the kind of affable everyman that brings nonchalance to being on point. His act is a blend of stories, observations, and pontifications about marriage, parenthood, and modern life that playfully refuse to pull any punches. Andy is energetic and fun, and he leaves audiences feeling like they’ve known him for years. With a hallmark of likability, his attitude is infectious, his style is memorable, and his sense of humor is unforgiving.